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Convenience Services

Convenience Services:

  1. Check Reorder: Need checks fast? Reorder your checks directly via our online link. Not only can you reorder your checks you can also find many other products to help manage your finances. You can find anything from deposit stamps, address stamps, checkbook covers, and ledgers to stationery, envelopes, and organizers. Save a trip to the bank, order online and have your checks delivered to your door.
  2. Account Alerts / Payment Reminders: Need account information fast? Set your online banking account notices to keep you up to date as soon as things happen. You can receive an e-mail notice for any of the following events:

         Balance - receive an email whenever your balance hits a specific target.
         Periodic Balance - receive an email showing your account balance daily or weekly.
         Check Cleared - receive an email when a specific check you wrote hits your account.
         Maturity Notice - receive an email when your Certificate of Deposit is maturing.
         Payment Due - receive an email when you loan payment is due or is past due.

    There is no need for you to wait for your statement or log into your online banking account to get this information. Just setup your "Alerts" and have the information sent directly to your e-mail inbox.
  3. Scheduled Transfers - Expecting a large check coming in to clear every month or you just want to transfer some of your direct deposited funds to a Savings account every month. Take advantage of the Online Banking Scheduled Transfer service. Just set it up and forget it. You can do a one-time scheduled transfer or schedule a transfer to run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually or even semi-annually. To be notified your transfer has completed and set your mind at ease, just set up an "e-mail notification" by entering your e-mail address in the Scheduled Transfer setup area.
  4. Automatic Loan Payments - Take the worry out of remembering to pay your mortgage or loan payments on time and avoid late charges. Setup Automatic Loan Payments/Pre-Authorized Transactions with NVE Bank. You can setup a NVE Bank account or any bank account to be debited with your loan payments. Give the Lending department a call at 1-800-NVE Bank to setup your automatic loan payments and never worry about a missed payment or late fee.
  5. Telephone Banking - Telephone banking is a free service offered to all customers. Just dial 1-800-296-4683 to access your accounts, get balances, recent transactions and transfer between your NVE Bank accounts.
  6. Wire Transfers - NVE Bank offers customers Domestic and International wire payments services. NVE Bank can send and receive U.S. Dollar wire transfers utilizing a standalone one time request or a repetitive wire transfer. NVE Bank can also send International foreign currency wire transfers. Please contact any of our branch offices for wire transfer instructions.

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September 14, 2017

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