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September 12, 2014

Home Depot Data Breach

As you may have recently read or heard in the news, The Home Depot reported that their payment systems were breached. This resulted in unauthorized persons gaining access to payment card information of those individuals who made transactions at The Home Depot stores between April 2014 and September 2014.

This incident was not caused by a breach of NVE Bank's security systems, however, we will continue to monitor our customer accounts for suspicious activity and if we detect any, we will notify you. Please know that NVE Bank is committed to protecting the security of your personal and financial information.

We also recommend that on a regular basis you review your NVE Bank account statements and current account activity. You can review your account activity using our online banking system or our telephone banking system at (800) 296-4683. If you notice fraudulent activity on your account, immediately call or stop by your local branch.

As this situation continues to evolve, we will share additional updates with you as they become available. We value and appreciate the trust you have placed in our bank. The security and confidentiality of our customers is the highest priority for everyone at NVE Bank.

We also suggest that you visit The Home Depot website for additional information regarding this payment breach and identity theft protection offered by The Home Depot.


April 10, 2014

Heartbleed Bug

At NVE Bank, we take your security very seriously. You may have heard recent media reports about the "Heartbleed" bug. Our online banking vendor has performed a thorough investigation and has informed us that the virus has not impacted NVE Bank's online banking services. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and will update you on any new developments. Rest assured, at NVE Bank our customer's security is our top priority.


April 8, 2014

Windows XP support discontinued!

Microsoft has announced on April 8 they will no longer support Windows XP. If you are currently using Windows XP, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to a supported operating system to ensure access to the latest security updates they provide.


March 17, 2014

Phishing Scam Alert!

NVE Bank has learned of a widespread telephone phishing scam. Cardholders may receive what appears to be automated phone calls or texts, telling them that their ATM/Debit cards are locked.

The automated message requests call recipients to "Press 1" where they are to enter their 16-digit card number into their telephone key pad. Once this is entered, the scammers are then requesting the card's Personal Identification Number (PIN). The scam artists are attempting to obtain customer card numbers and PINs in order to gain access to customer accounts via ATMs or POS (point of sale) purchases.

NVE Bank will not request card, account information or PIN numbers from cardholders over the phone. In many cases, phishing scams, whether by phone or through emails, attempt to gain personal information from the call or email recipients such as:

  • First and Last Name
  • Debit Card or ATM Card Number
  • Debit or ATM Card Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Account Number and/or Account Type


March 4, 2014

Security Alert!

Apple has released a critical security update to address a potential vulnerability and security patch for its Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Due to the serious nature of this matter and in order to reduce the risk of identity theft, we wanted to make sure you are aware of this situation.

Apple has recommended that users of these devices immediately take steps to reduce security risks by updating to the latest version of their device’s operating system. The update is available for iOS7, iOS6 and OSX desktop platforms and can be found under “Software Update” in general settings. For more information regarding Apple’s security updates, please visit Apple's official support website.

The security of our online banking offering continues to be a top priority.  We are monitoring the situation and will inform you if updates become available.

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