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Online Bill Pay

Simple, Secure, Convenient, and FREE*

  • Start paying your bills online. It is the most secure, simple and convenient way. No Envelopes, No Stamps, No Problem! The control of your finances is now just a click away!
  • Enjoy Faster Payments. Same day payment capabilities translate into the fastest payments on the web.
  • Enjoy "you set it and forget it" with Automatic Payments. Even when you are away your bills still get paid accurately and on time.
  • Enjoy an extremely user friendly interface. We've made it simple to receive electronic bills, setup your regular bills in minutes, make Automatic Payments, sign up for e-mail notifications, and more.
  • Experience the convenience of "single point bill management" with NVE Bank's Bill Pay.

How to Enroll for Online Bill Pay:

Enrollment Requirements for both Retail (Personal) and Business customers

  • Must have an active Checking Account with NVE Bank
  • Must not have five or more NSFs (Non Sufficient Funds) charges within the previous six months
  • Must be enrolled in Online Banking.
    • If you have enrolled already for Online Banking, then just log in as normal and respond to the Bill Pay prompt or just click on the Payment Manager button and follow the prompts to enroll for Bill Payments.
    • If you have enrolled before and have not used Online Banking for the past six months, you will have to enroll as a first time user. Your login credentials are considered "Inactive" after six months of inactivity and are purged from the system. Please see the next bullet point.
    • Otherwise, once you have logged into Online Banking, you can follow the prompts to sign up for Bill Pay or just click on the Payment Manager button.

*Bill Pay Charges:

  • Retail (Personal) Customers - completely FREE, no recurring monthly charge and unlimited Bill Pays

  • Business Customers (includes non-profit organizations) - no recurring monthly charge, 10 FREE bill pays per month, $1.00 charge per bill pay over 10 in any single month

    Note: Charges only apply to the Bill Pay option within Online Banking. Access to your accounts for viewing balances, transactions, and perform transfers via Online Banking remains FREE for everyone.

For more information: Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, Terms and Conditions (Bill Pay).


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