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The Community First Rewards Program
Helping Organizations Who Help Our Hometowns


Created for Community Organizations
As a community-based mutual bank, NVE has always had deep roots in the towns we serve. In fact, we've supported local efforts for over a century. Our Community First Rewards Program is designed to reinvest resources into our communities and to support the local non-profit groups that lend a helping hand, day in and day out.

Getting Started
It's Easy! Whether your organization is opening a new eligible NVE account or is already a customer, enrolling in the Community First Rewards Program is as simple as contacting your local branch. Once you've enrolled, encourage your staff members, volunteers and others affiliated with your organization to open accounts at NVE, and have them designated as Community First participating accounts. Once 25 affiliated individuals have joined the program, NVE will track the average daily balances in each designated eligible account and make quarterly donations to your organization based upon the balances (individual account information is kept strictly confidential).

A minimum of 25 individuals affiliated with your organization must open and maintain an eligible account at NVE. Individuals in eligible accounts may designate as many accounts (in their name) as they wish to be counted towards your organization's Community First quarterly donation calculation. NVE will pay accrued Community First Rewards on the Average Daily Balance maintained by affiliated individuals and will then pay the quarterly Reward directly to your organization's Community First account.

Eligible Accounts*
Certificates of Deposit
Individual Retirement Accounts
Checking Accounts
Savings Accounts
Money Market Accounts


How Your Rewards Will Grow
Rewards will be based on the Average Daily Balance maintained by eligible organizations at the Annual Rate of:

  • 14% on Certificates of Deposit, including IRA CDs, Money Market Accounts and any interest bearing Personal Savings and Business Accounts.
  • 12% on Personal and Business Checking Accounts
  • Additional benefits can be earned for referrals of Commercial Real Estate and Business Loans

Eligible Organizations
To be eligible for the Community First Rewards Program, your organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization and maintain an address in New Jersey. Your organization must maintain a checking or savings account with NVE Bank that will be credited with the Community First Rewards contribution at the end of each quarter in which the Program requirements are met. There are no fees to the organization or its members to participate.

  • Eligible accounts are limited to current product offerings at time of account opening. Some exclusions may apply. Participating Community First Rewards accounts are opened and closed at the sole discretion of NVE Bank. Maximum annual contribution to each participating organization is limited to $50,000. NVE Bank reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.


Online Banking
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April 11, 2017

Online Banking Browser Compatibility Change

NVE Bank will be enhancing Online Banking security by disabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 so that we can maintain the highest standards for our data security and to align with the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) and industry best practices. Our customers will need to verify if their operating systems (OS) or browsers support TLS 1.2 and upgrade if necessary. Failure to do so may result in connection errors.

Below is a basic TLS 1.2 compatibility chart. Please contact NVE Bank at (201) 816-2800 for full details.

Browsers and Operating Systems TLS 1.2 Compatibility Notes
Microsoft Edge Compatible by default
Microsoft IE Desktop and mobile Version 11 Compatible by default
Microsoft IE Desktop versions 9 and 10

Capable when run in Windows 7 or newer, but not enabled by default

Firefox 27 and higher Compatible by default
Goggle Chrome 38 and higher Compatible by default
Mobile Safari versions 5 and higher Compatible by default
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher Compatible by default
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and below Not compatible with TLS 1.2
Microsoft Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10 Compatible by default
Microsoft XP/Vista and below Not compatible with TLS 1.2











March 16, 2016

FDIC Consumer News (Winter 2016)

A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity

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